May 29 2007

[TamilEditors] Head of the Anglican Church defended his call for the mass slaughter of Tamils in Sri Lanka


Labelled as the ‘Archbishop From Hell’ Dr Rowan Williams, yesterday defended his call for the mass slaughter of Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

While on a visit to the island, the head of the Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Williams gave an interview stating that killing of Tamils by the government was ‘inevitable’.

In what many analysts say was open support for the Sri Lankan government’s campaign of genocide against the Tamil community, who incidentally happen to be Hindus or Catholics, Dr Williams said that the killing of people whom the Sinhalese label as ‘terrorists’ is only natural.

The war drum beating by the Archbishop was a slap on the face of peace lovers around the world who were expecting him to preach the message of ‘thou shall not kill’.

Disappointed peace lovers had been constantly writing to the archbishop demanding that he does not abuse his position in the Church of England to promote genocide in failed states.

However, Dr Williams remains adamant that the killing of Tamils must go on.

Archbishop defends war drum beating

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