Jul 18 2007

[National Post] It is not a crime yet in Canada to say you’re in favour of a group that may be terrorist

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World Tamil movement; Considers Sri Lankan guerrillas to be ‘freedom fighters’


Graeme Hamilton, National Post

Published: Friday, May 18, 2007

MONTREAL – The head of an organization that is suspected of funding the Tamil Tigers terrorist group has testified that he considers the Tigers “freedom fighters” and he supports their “activities that would benefit the people.” But he denied that his organization, the World Tamil Movement, has sent money to the Sri Lankan guerillas.

In Quebec Court testimony that concluded yesterday, Kathiravelupillai Sithamparanathan, the 84-year-old president of the World Tamil Movement’s Montreal office, acknowledged attending a 2004 workshop in Sri Lanka organized by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or Tamil Tigers.Mr. Sithamparanathan said he could not refuse the Tigers’ invitation to attend a Seminar for Foreign Activists during a trip to his native Sri Lanka in July 2004. “They wanted to meet me because they were impressed that a person my age was doing many things … to help my community here,” he said through an interpreter.

He acknowledged that on one day of the seminar he was given the honour of hoisting the red Tamil Tiger flag, which features a snarling tiger over two crossed rifles. “Many people forced me to do that, and I couldn’t refuse,” he said.

Steven Slimovtich, the lawyer for the World Tamil Movement, said his clients are not accused of any crime, and the prolonged investigation is causing them prejudice because their regular activities have been interrupted.

“It is not a crime yet in Canada to say you’re in favour of a group that may be terrorist. What is a crime is to finance a terrorist group,” he told the court.

“The government has ostensibly closed down this community, cultural, social, sports organization. They cannot function.”

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Tamil leader denies funding terrorist group

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ஒரு பதில் to “[National Post] It is not a crime yet in Canada to say you’re in favour of a group that may be terrorist”

  1.   Kanaga Chandraon 19 Aug 2007 at 11:22 pm

    I belive in Tamil tigers and i think that tigers are doing the best they can to protect the tamils who lives in some parts of Srilanka.In my book, definatly Tigers are not a terrorist group. The Australian government for some reason has not band the tigers and yet funding is not allowed. Its time we stop calling tigers a terrorist group. Let me wish Mr Kathiravelupillai Sithamparanathan good luck.

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