Jul 25 2007

[The Independent] Government forces preparing to destroy Memorial Cemetery in Kudumbi Malai

Following wresting control of the Kudumbimalai forest, the government forces are getting ready to vandalise the huge memorial cemetery based in Tharavai. It is believed official sanction have been given to flatten the cemetery to release the anger of the security forces.

Tharavai cemetery is a place of resting for over 15,000 dead young Tamil fighters. It is not clear what the government is planning to do with the site after reducing it into rubbles.

When Eastern Vaharai area was captured by the security forces recently, the army went on the pandemonium to destroy the cemetery there. The flattened cemetery was turned into a coconut estate by the government.

The government forces have a history of desecrating Tamil cemeteries. In 1992 when Jaffna peninsula was captured following Jayasekuru operations the madness of the armed forces bulldozed the memorial cemeteries in Kopay and Kodikamam.

Even the Tamils who do not subscribe to the LTTE are angered by the actions of the security forces and consider government actions as insults and reflection of hatred embedded in the state machinery against the Tamil people. The Tamil people see the burial ground is the resting place for their children no matter the reasons behind their joining the fighting ranks.

Sources in eastern Sri Lanka say people are angered by the actions of the security forces and are patiently waiting to see how government’s hate campaign is to be executed to destroy the memorial grounds in Kudumbimalai.


Government forces preparing to desecrate Memorial Cemetery in Kudumbi Malai (Thoppigala)

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