Aug 03 2007

[UPI Asia Online] Lessons Learned from Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord?


Column: Pursuit of Peace

When the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam backed out of its commitment to go along with that agreement, to which it was not a signatory, a terrible war broke out that marred relations between the two countries.

The present provincial council system that is operative in the country is the sole remaining legacy of the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord.

The urgent need today, as it has been for the past two decades, is for a viable political package that can meet Tamil aspirations, a wholehearted economic development program for the north and east, and a genuine willingness to engage in peace talks with the LTTE. Unfortunately, the present government has not been able to even make a start on any one of these three essentials for sustainable peace. The future is indeed bleak for the people of Sri Lanka, especially the Tamil people in the north and east.

(Dr. Jehan Perera is executive director of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, an independent advocacy organization. He studied economics at Harvard College and holds a doctorate in law from Harvard Law School. ©Copyright Jehan Perera.)


Commentary: Lost lessons of the failed Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord

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