Aug 20 2007

[Reuters] Mob of 50 attacks Indians in Germany

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DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) – A mob shouting racial insults attacked eight Indians at a town fair in east Germany, then chased them and besieged them inside a pizzeria until they were rescued by police, officials said on Monday.

Around 70 police were required to disperse the mob of 50 people, which gathered after revellers shouted abuse and threw bottles at the Indians during the town fair in Muegeln, east of Leipzig, on Saturday night, police said.

“There’s never been an outbreak of violence like this in the town,” a police spokesman said.

All of the Indians, who were traders and asylum seekers, were injured, he said.

Eastern Germany has seen intermittent racist attacks on foreigners since German reunification in 1990.

The far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) entered the regional parliament in the eastern state of Saxony in 2004 with over 9 percent of the vote.


Mob of 50 attacks Indians in east German town

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