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Oct 23 2007

Tiger’s coordinated attack

Reliable details of the combined air and land attack … indicate that it was neither an act of desperation as projected by the embarrassed Sri Lankan military spokesmen nor an act of needless dramatics as suggested by others. It was an act of unbelievable determination, bravery and precision successfully carried out by a 21-member suicide commando group of the Black Tigers?significantly led by a Tamil from the Eastern Province? with the back-up support of two planes of the so-called Tamil Eelam Air Force.

It once again underlines the LTTE’s reputation as an organisation with a tremendous tenacity of purpose, grit and sophistication in thinking and planning. Its recent set-backs have not weakened its morale. They have only redoubled its determination to keep fighting for its political objective unmindful of the losses in the Eastern Province.

By B. Raman

LTTE?s Anuradhapura Raid: Bravery & Precision

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Oct 21 2007

[GreaterKashmir] Indian army doing what it’s best at

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Marsary, (Kupwara), Oct 20: Anti-army, anti-India, and pro-freedom demonstrations for the second day Saturday against the cold blooded murder of a teacher by soldiers were revolutionary in scale with people accusing the soldiers of torturing the teacher to death.
 The people said the murder was pre-planned because the teacher, Abdul Rashid Mir, had objected many a time to the obscene comments passed by a Major, a Subedar, and other soldiers at his female colleagues who always accompanied Mir.
 The teachers of Government Middle School Marsary say that Mir used to accompany female teachers so that armymen won’t tease them on their way to school.
 Enraged by the army’s claim that the teacher was killed in accidental fire from a soldier’s rifle while being searched, several eyewitnesses told Greater Kashmir how the teacher was badly tortured to death. In fact, the protesters said, the teacher was beaten to death and later fired upon to pass it off as an accidental death due to misfire.

  “They (soldiers) had gagged his mouth and he couldn’t even scream when they were beating him up with gun butts, kicks and sticks in the forest,” said Gulshan, who was watching the soldiers beating Mir from veranda of her house.
 She said, “Soldiers had formed a ring around him and from the veranda of my house I saw him writhing due to onslaught from all sides.”
 According to Gulshan, the silence was broken by two gunshots.
 “Panic gripped the village after gun shots were fired,” Gulshan said, adding that gunshots brought residents mostly women out of their houses and they ran towards the soldiers.
 The other women who were standing next to Gulshan said that soldiers didn’t allow them to come close.
  Hajra, 75, said, “I asked them have you killed anybody. They said “No, we are for your security.” 
 “We resisted, but our resistance infuriated the soldiers and they pointed their guns at us and chased us away,” Hajra said.

 “We could make out from their actions that they were trying to conceal something from us,” she said.
 She said that as women were assembling in the village they heard an announcement from the Masjid loudspeaker. “A man has been murdered by the soldiers in the forest and now they are trying to dispose off his body. Please come out of your houses.”
 After the announcement was made people came out of their houses and rushed towards the soldiers, the residents said.
 They said soldiers who were led by a Major and a Subedar were not more than 10 in number. “They fired in air to disperse us, but we didn’t relent. Seeing us approaching they tried to take the body along with them in a vehicle, but we snatched it from them,” said Hajra.
 “After we saw the badly maimed body of Abdul Rashid we couldn’t control our outrage and we ran after the soldiers. They fled leaving behind the vehicle, which we later torched,” the residents said.
 They said from the spot they picked up nearly three kilograms of flesh chopped off from Mir’s body.
 This correspondent saw blood stains on the rocks where Mir was tortured, and also the sticks and the rope that were used to torture him.

Pre-planned murder
 Iqbal Ahmad Payyar, Mir’s colleague, said, “Ten days back Mir, me and other colleagues had an argument with the Major because they always passed obscene comments at our female colleagues. Two days later the Major came to our school and called us to his post. At the post he asked us to apologise for daring to argue with them, but Mir didn’t apologise and he spoke against the misbehaviour with our female colleagues at the post also.”
 Payyar said the matter was settled and both the sides were pacified. “While seated in a Sumo vehicle on Friday morning I saw Mir and asked him to come along, but he said he would walk to the school. Usually we used to go to the school in a group, but yesterday Mir went on his own. When I reached the school he wasn’t there,” Payyar said.
Fear Psychosis 
 The two female teachers whom the soldiers were teasing refused to talk to this correspondent. “We’ve already lost one of our sons we don’t want any more causalities,” the residents said.
 They said that since Friday Army is trying to build pressure on them and is constantly threatening them. “We are being directed to  keep our mouths shut,” the residents said.
  “We are no more safe and we are thinking to quit our jobs,” the colleagues of the deceased teacher said.
 They said Major of the unit has threatened to kill ten more people if they raise their voice. “ It’s our rule here and what we say you will have to follow that,” Mir’s colleagues quoted Major as saying.  
 The cold-blooded murder of the teacher evoked violent protests in Rawatpora, Kralpora and other adjoining villages.    
 Thousands of people took to the roads and clashed with the policemen who were deployed in strength in the area. In the police action and mob retaliation at least 20 people were injured.  
 Protesters fought pitched battles with the cops till late  Saturday afternoon and refused to bury the body.
 Six critically injured persons in the police action were being treated in a small room of Sub District Hospital Kralpora.
 Javed Ahmed, who doctors, said was suffering from head trauma accused policemen of pushing him down from a slab of a shop.
 “Cops pushed me down,” Javed said.
 His friend who was standing next to him said that after he was pushed down cops didn’t allow them to take him to a hospital for more than half an hour.
 Muhammad Sultan of Batpora who had been hit by a teargas shell said, “They (cops) used indiscriminate force against the people.”
 Burnt teargas smoke shells and rocks were spread in the radius of more than 2 kilometres in Kralpora.
 Protesters raising anti-India, anti-Army and pro-freedom slogans made several attempts to break the police cordon near Kralpora Chowk and march ahead but cops prevented them from doing so by firing several teargas canisters. 
 Some of the injured protesters were identified as Jehangir Ahmed Mir, Muhammad Salim Malik ,Muhammad Gulzar ,Wali Muhammad Mir, Muhammad Zaman Mir,Arshida Majid ,Wali Muhammad, Javed Ahmed ,Ghulam Mohudin Peer, Bashir Ahmed, Javed Ahmed , Mubashir Ahmed , Javed Ahmed ,Muhammad Sultan Mir, Ashiq Hussain and Imran Lone .
 Deputy Commissioner Kupwara Afsandyar Khan reached the spot and held negotiations with the people. As soon as Khan reached he spot he showed the FIR copy to the elders. “Police has registered the FIR no. 147/07 Under Section- 302 against the accused Major and the Subedar,” Khan told them, “Now bury the body.”
 The villagers didn’t relent they told Khan till he doesn’t fulfil their other demands they won’t bury the body. Other demands of the villagers included transferring the incharge of the police post Kralpora, setting up of a police post at Marsary, release of the protesters who were arrested and recording of the statement of witnesses before the Magistrate, providing a job to the next of the kin and arresting the accused.
 The villagers accused Chowki Officer of not paying any heed towards their complaint when they approached him on Friday.
 “After we came to know that Rashid hasn’t reached the school we rushed to the police post and pleaded before the Chowki officer to accompany us to Marsary. He refused and made us wait till his higher officials reached the spot,” villagers said, adding, “We don’t want such an irresponsible police officer here.”
 The Deputy Commissioner assured the protesters that all their demands would be met.
 After the assurance from the DC the villagers agreed to bury the body.
Funeral prayers
 Later thousands of people amidst pro-freedom slogans took the body of Abdul Rasheed Mir from Kralpora to his native village in form of a procession.
 Pall of gloom descended over Rawatpora, some 15 kms from Kupwara, as soon as the body reached there, women, children and men came out wailing. “Punish the killers,” shouted mourners.
 Torture marks on Rashid’s body made mourners scream louder and they kept on wailing even after the murdered teacher was laid to rest.

Soldier arrested
Army has arrested a soldier in connection with the murder of the ReT teacher Abdul Rashid Mir.
Superintendent of Police  Kupwara Vijay Kumar told Greater Kashmir, “As the Army has ordered court martial, we have learnt that they have detained one soldier in connection with killing”.


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Oct 21 2007

Domain Names in Tamil Characters; Woohoo…

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Web users across the planet can now play around with their name in their own language (i.e. not English or other “Western-style” languages that use the same Latin alphabet that I am using to write this blog) thanks to the fact that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has commenced live testing of Internationalised Domain Names.

At the moment 11 languages are supported: Arabic, Persian, Simple Chinese (no – that’s not an oxymoron for us non Chinese speakers), Traditional Chinese, Cyrillic Russian, Devanagari Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil.

The wiki pages can be accessed by typing example.test in the characters of one of the 11 languages. ICANN has put a video explaining the evaluation process on YouTube. You can also find it here http://idn.icann.org The 11 evaluation wikis will remain online until IDNs are fully implemented and the first top-level domain is introduced in the evaluation language.

The full introduction of IDNs will mean that people can write the whole of a domain name in the characters used to write their own language. At the moment you can only use these characters before the dot, so .com, .net, .org and the like can only be written in characters from basic Latin. IDNs will change this so that literally tens of thousands of characters will be available to the world.Source:
It’s all Greek, Persian, Tamil and Cyrillic Russian to me!

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Oct 09 2007

[news.com.au] Tamil national flag, which is similar to the LTTE’s

While the organisation denied links to the Tigers, photographs have emerged of Mr Sivakumar raising a flag with the LTTE logo during a recent function in Melbourne commemorating the death of Tigers political leader Thileepan, who died during a hunger strike in 1987.

But Mr Sivakumar said the flag raised at the function was actually the Tamil nation flag, which is similar to the LTTE’s.

It’s our national symbol,” he said.

“The significance of the flag is the Tamil people’s national identity and it’s raised at the same time as the Australian flag because we are Australians first and foremost.”

Both the Tamil nation flag and the Tigers flag feature a tiger and two rifles, but the latter also carries the letters LTTE.

Storm brews over cash for Tamil group

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Oct 04 2007

[Lanka Dissent] Sri Lanka unleashing state terror on Tamils

…??The army surrounded our village. By then, we were half dead. Shelling injured many in our village. The army surrounded our village and told us to leave immediately. Or else, face the bullet. Most of our houses and other property were razed to the ground due to shelling. Clad in the clothes we were wearing, we took our children and left. We braved hunger and walked about 10 to 15 kilometres to Mannar. Why are we being treated like this? Our houses and other property are lost. Many are dead. We live in these tents as refugees with our children. Although the army claims in TV in Colombo that the LTTE was driven out, it was us who were driven out by the army and the government.?

The above is just one statement that exposes to the country the reality of the so-called drama of liberating Mannar from the grip of then LTTE.


(Above is a translation of an article published in Ravaya [Sinhala] Newspaper)?

Unceasing terror in Mannar

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