Oct 04 2007

[Lanka Dissent] Sri Lanka unleashing state terror on Tamils

…??The army surrounded our village. By then, we were half dead. Shelling injured many in our village. The army surrounded our village and told us to leave immediately. Or else, face the bullet. Most of our houses and other property were razed to the ground due to shelling. Clad in the clothes we were wearing, we took our children and left. We braved hunger and walked about 10 to 15 kilometres to Mannar. Why are we being treated like this? Our houses and other property are lost. Many are dead. We live in these tents as refugees with our children. Although the army claims in TV in Colombo that the LTTE was driven out, it was us who were driven out by the army and the government.?

The above is just one statement that exposes to the country the reality of the so-called drama of liberating Mannar from the grip of then LTTE.


(Above is a translation of an article published in Ravaya [Sinhala] Newspaper)?

Unceasing terror in Mannar

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