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Oct 14 2006

Malaysian Muslims warned over greeting Hindus

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Kuala Lumpur: The head of Malaysia’s Shariat Department has asked Muslims in the country not to greet Hindus a Happy Diwali, a directive the government distanced itself from saying it is a narrow interpretation of Islam.

Fauzi Mustaffar, head of Shariah department, in an email directive to office staff has said that Diwali was a religious festival in which Hindu deities were worshipped and greeting Hindus on the occasion was like practising polytheism to Muslims.

“So Muslims who have inadvertently wished Hindus a Happy Diwali, Happy Durga Pooja or Happy Lakshmi Pooja must immediately repent and not repeat it in the future,” Fauzi said in his e-mail, according to The Star daily.

Government distanced itself from the controversial directive. Abdullah Zin, a minister in Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s Department, said the email sent by Mustaffar was his “personal view,” according to the daily.

“He (Mustaffar) has no authority to say Muslims shouldn’t wish Hindus because that is like a fatwa (edict). And fatwas can only come from the National Fatwa Council and Jakim,” Zin was quoted as saying.

“Just because you wish someone Happy Diwali does not mean that you have embraced his beliefs and religion. It is not syirik (practising polytheism). In a multi-religious and multi-racial country like ours, it is important to live in harmony and be nice to one another,” the minister said.

Fauzi when contacted said the email was in response to employees’ enquiries and meant only for internal circulation.

Malaysia is a Muslim majority country but has a minority population of Hindus and Chinese who are freely allowed to practice and Diwali is a national holiday.


Malaysian Muslims warned over greeting Hindus

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Aug 17 2006

Buddhist monks brawl at peace protest

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There was pandemonium in the peace rally organized by the National Anti-War Front (NAWF) held Thursday evening at Viharamahadevi Park when a group of members of the Sinhala extreme National Bhikku Front (NBF) arrived at the site carrying a banner asking the organizers of the NAWF to proceed to Killinochchi to preach peace.

Peach March

NBF activists thereafter climbed the stage and started shouting at the organizers of the peace rally.

Monk protest

Monk argue

Monk quarrels

Mervyn Silva, a deputy minister was on his feet with 200 other activists, politicians and religious leaders, including pro-peace Buddhist monks, on stage when NBF monks and their supporters entered the stage forcefully. Pandemonium reigned as NBF monks attempted to seize the mic of a speaker

At that time about two hundred personalities including parliamentarians, ministers and leaders of political parties were on the stage.

Fisticuffs ensued between the volunteers of NAWF and NBF. NBF protestors were pushed out of the stage forcibly by volunteers of the peace rally.

Monks quarrel

Monks fight

Monks tackle

Monks fight

Thereafter the rally continued peacefully, although many parliamentarians and religious leaders left the site as the peace rally turned a site of violence.

However, some parliamentarians and peace activists spoke at the meeting and the meeting was concluded with the applause of the participants.

NBF is a wing of all monks party-Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU).

Large number of people of all three communities and representatives of all faiths participated in the peace in Colombo, Thursday, under the auspices of National Anti-War Front.

The peace foot march which commenced from Hyde Park in Colombo at about 2.30 p.m. arrived at Viharamahadevi Park around 3.45 p.m.

Parliamentarians Dilan Perera of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), Rajitha Senaratne United National Party (UNP), T.Maheswaran of UNP, Ravi Karunanayake of UNP, M.S.Sellasamy of Ceylon Workers Congress), P.Radhakrishnan of Western Peoples Front and Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe and pro-peace Buddhist monks led the peace march.

Tear gas released


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Aug 15 2006

Cartoon protest slogans condemned

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Cartoon protest slogans condemned

Many Muslims do not believe the protesters are representative

Many Muslims do not believe the protesters are representative

There has been widespread condemnation of a demonstration by Muslim protesters who threatened violence during a march. Shadow home secretary David Davis said some of the messages on the placards amounted to “incitement to murder”.

The protest on Friday in London over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad saw slogans such as “7/7 is on its way”.

The police say they are studying photographs of those who attended and that arrests, if necessary, will be made at the “most appropriate time”.

Separate protests held on Saturday passed off peacefully.

Police said more than 100 complaints had been received about the protests.

Among the images which have sparked outcry is one of Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban on his head. Newspapers in Spain, Italy, Germany and France reprinted the material.


Mr Davis told the Sunday Telegraph that protesters should be dealt with firmly by police.

It’s irrelevant whether it’s Muslims causing hatred or anyone else – freedom of speech has to be responsible

Asghar Bukhari

BBC TV interview

“Clearly, some of these placards are incitement to violence, and indeed incitement to murder – an extremely serious offence which the police must deal with and deal with quickly,” he said.

“Whatever your view on these cartoons, we have a tradition of freedom of speech in this country which has to be protected.

“Certainly there can be no tolerance of incitement to murder.”

On Saturday, Asghar Bukhari, chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, said the demonstration in London on Friday should have been stopped by police because the group had been advocating violence.

He said the protesters “did not represent British Muslims”.

Mr Bukhari told the BBC News website: “The placards and chants were disgraceful and disgusting, Muslims do not feel that way.

The cartoons were deeply offensive to hundreds of millions of Muslims

Labour MP David Winnick

In quotes: UK protest

“I condemn them without reservation, these people are less representative of Muslims than the BNP are of the British people.”

He said that Muslims were angry over satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in European papers but it was “outrageous” for anyone to advocate extreme action or violence.

“We believe it [the protest] should have been banned and the march stopped.

“It’s irrelevant whether it’s Muslims causing hatred or anyone else – freedom of speech has to be responsible.”

Prosecution call

Meanwhile, Labour MP David Winnick called for people who waved threatening placards to be prosecuted.

Mr Winnick, a member of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, said: “The cartoons were deeply offensive to hundreds of millions of Muslims.

Protesters waved placards outside London embassies on Friday

Protesters waved placards outside London embassies on Friday

“But it is totally unacceptable that, on British soil, there should be thugs demonstrating for people to be beheaded and actually glorifying the atrocities of July 7.

“It is to be hoped that prosecutions will follow very quickly indeed.”

He said those responsible who were temporarily in Britain should be deported, even it meant stripping them of permission previously given to remain in the country.

The Walsall North MP added that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Britain “have the same distaste as the rest of us about these thugs”.

“I hope it will be the last time we ever see such a demonstration, totally unacceptable to the Muslim community,” he said.

Police estimated Friday’s crowd at between 500 and 700 and no arrests were made.

On Saturday more protesters, organised by the Hizb ut-Tahrir group, gathered outside the Danish embassy in London.

It appeared that the rally was far more restrained than the one on Friday.

Police later said two men had been arrested near the embassy during the protest.

“They were arrested to prevent a breach of the peace, after a search by officers found leaflets including cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed,” a Met spokeswoman said.

Many Muslim groups have condemned Friday’s protests and the images that were used there

Taji Mustafa, Hizb ut-Tahir

Q&A: Hizb ut-Tahrir

Flanked by a forest of messages such as, “‘Freedom’ to insult”, a speaker at Saturday’s rally told the crowd they were demanding an end to “vilification”.

“If you want to debate and criticise then we are ready and we have been waiting, but we are not going to accept these images,” he said.

He called on “the governments of the Muslim world to completely sever all contact with European governments” until they had “controlled the media”.

Taji Mustafa, a spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahir, told BBC’s Sunday AM that the posters, images shown by the television programme, had featured in Friday’s protests which his group had “nothing to do with”.

“It had absolutely nothing to do with us, and we condemned those – they are not acceptable,” he said.

“And many Muslim groups have condemned Friday’s protests and the images that were used there.

“Our protest yesterday was very peaceful.”

He said the group advises Muslims “not to stoop to the level of those who want to resort to insults on the Prophet of Islam” and instead to engage in peaceful, responsible protests.

And these protests should demand the media outlets who published the cartoons should apologise, retract them and pledge to “never to repeat this offence” in the future, he said.

He added that it was an “issue of respect” between people.


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Aug 14 2006

டென்மார்க் கார்டூனும் அதைத்தொடர்ந்த கலவரங்களும்!

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Aug 01 2006

Mel Gibson from spotlight to lowlight

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MEL Gibson’s world crumbled further yesterday with the release of a police mug shot showing him glassy-eyed on the night he was arrested for drink driving.
The shot captures one of the lowest moments of the Oscar-winning actor’s life.

Gibson laid low yesterday as moves emerged to freeze him out of Hollywood.

Agent Alan Nierob said Gibson was in bad shape.

“The guy is trying to stay alive,” he said.

Gibson, 50, who has battled alcoholism for three decades, is receiving treatment for his drinking problem.

His drink-drive arrest and alleged anti-Semitic and sexist remarks on Friday could cost him more than a few weeks of embarrassment.

As the scandal continued to unfold yesterday:

DISNEY’S ABC TV network said it was dropping plans to produce a Holocaust-themed mini-series in collaboration with Gibson.

THE LA County Sheriff’s office faced claims that it had given Gibson favourable treatment over two earlier speeding incidents.

BARBARA Walters, one of America’s most respected journalists, said on TV she did not want to see any more of Gibson’s movies.

Ari Emanuel, one of Hollywood’s top agents, called on the entertainment industry to shun Gibson and refuse to work with him.

He said Hollywood should not “idly stand by and allow Mel Gibson to get away with such tragically inflammatory statements”.

Just minutes before the mugshot was taken, Gibson allegedly abused police officers and ranted that “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”.

The anti-Semitic barrage was excluded from the original police report and TMZ, the celebrity news website that revealed Gibson’s comments, now says it’s not the first time Gibson has enjoyed favourable treatment from Malibu police.

He was not charged over two earlier speeding incidents, even though on one occasion a deputy could smell alcohol on his breath, according to TMZ.

Gibson, 50, has donated money to a Sheriff’s charity and filmed public service announcements for the Sheriff’s Office while dressed in a deputy’s uniform.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore denied that there had been any attempt to cover up Gibson’s tirade, and stood by his earlier comments that the arrest was “without incident”.

“Without incident means without force, without a significant use of force,” he said.

Gibson is due to face court on the drink-driving charges on September 28.

If convicted, he will face a fine or short jail sentence.

But his Hollywood career could be permanently damaged. Doubt hangs over his two upcoming projects.

As well as its involvement in the now-canned Holocaust TV mini-series, Disney was to be distributor for the Gibson-directed Apocalypto, due for release in December.

Gibson’s woes began about 2.30am on Friday when Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee allegedly recorded him driving at 140km/h and a blood-alcohol reading of 0.12 per cent.



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